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Sound Level Meter

ACD Machine Control Offers Sound Level Meter Acd-S-2000. It Is Generally Appreciated That High Level Noise Is Detrimental To The Normal Health And Efficiency Of The Individual, And Frequently Indicates A Fault In The Manufacture Or Design Of A Product.

Cup Anemometer

Three conical beaded edged cups 127 mm. In diameters, attached by arms to a central boss drive a vertical spindle at a rotary speed proportional to the air velocity. (dimensions confirming to is 5912 : 1970) Aluminum and stainless steel are used throughout this instrument to ensure freedom from corrosion and long working life.

Electonic Anemometers

This sophisticated instrument is designed with totally indigenous technical know-how and components. It directly reads the rate of flow of air / gases. Most of the instruments available in market are made of plastic. These, though efficient under laboratory conditions often give away for industrial applications, braking the blades / shafts.

Field Dynamic Balancing Equipments

For conventional Balancing, the rotating part has to be dismantled from the assembly, taken to the standard Balancing Machine, mounted on cradle, coupled to and driven with a suitable prime mover. Portable equipment(Field Dynamic Balancing Equipment) would enable the operator to carry out balancing without dismantling the machine, by rotating the component in its own frame

Dynamic Balancing Equipments

Rotating Machinery users are aware that Vibration free Machine means increased reliability and longer life due to reduced wear and tear. High standards set by present day technical advancements require quality dynamic balancing machine and equipment.

Low Oil Level Switch for Gear Box

 Oil level of the gear box is an important parameter to be monitored. Damages expected due to low oil level are obvious and need not to be elaborated. Old float type switches rely on buoyancy of the oil which changes with the impurities in the oil.

Field Failure Relays

FIELD FAILURE RELAY, also known as FIELD LOSS RELAY protects the DC Shunt wound motor or main circuit, under open Field conditions, or in the absence of the field supply Speed of the Shunt Wound DC Motor increases as the Field supply is weakened. Theoretically motor runs at infinite speed if run without Field supply.

Electronic Vibration Switch

These Mechanical Switches being used in yester years have very little merit and served the purpose when the requirement was not stringent. As they rely on large impacts or inertia (both acceleration): they do not respond to gradual increase in vibrations.

Wind Data Logger

Wind energy has been historically used directly to propel sailing ships or converted into mechanical energy for pumping water or grinding grain. Today's principal application of wind power is the generation of electricity.With 8000 mw of installed capacity, India is ranked fourth in the world in total wind power capacity.

Current Sensors (AC or DC)

Hall effect Current Sensor gives isolated DC voltage out put proportional to the AC or DC Current passing through. Sensors with higher Current ratings are in the offing. Normally Current Sensors use resistive shunt or AC Current transformer. These two methods have limitations and disadvantages.