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Hydraulic Pumping Station

Hydraulic Powerpacks For Complex Systems Are Made To Order For Pumping Stations.

Double Scissor Lift

The Double Scissor Lift is useful for accessing height upto 13 m with a large base. The double pantograph mechanism ensures that the movement of the platform will be parallel to the ground. In additon the mounting of the cylinders and system is configured

Hydraulic Goods Lift

For carrying heavy material lifts are used. Using a conventional rope lift has a distinct problem that it needs machine room and also the maintenance and failure is cumbersome and unpredictable. Nandan\'s Hydraulic Goods lift can be installed without any

Hydraulic Powerpacks

Hydraulic Powerpacks are the heart of what we do. Keeping this in mind we integrate the most robust powerpacks from partners around India. Your application to sizing, designing, analyzing the powerpack is in our scope. We also shall design the same in 3D

Truck Mounted Manlift

Nandan\'s Manlifts are very popular in the various applications like tunnelling, municipalities, etc. The scissor lifts are mounted on commercial chassis to take into account the ease of availability as well as maintainability. In additon to stability t

Welding Automation

Nandan GSE in conjunction with our sister concern, Fluidonic Automation Systems specialises in Welding Automation systems which are used for line welding, robotics, etc. We do this from concept to manufacture and support. We also work on special projects

Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (VRC)

The VRC is designed to be used in typical places like warehouses, factories, etc where the specialized rope hoist system is put with gearbox, etc at the top and is designed either as a free standing structure or with support from the lift shaft. Heights a

Telescopic Conveyor

Nandan is a specialist in manufacturing of the telescopic conveyor which is used to load and unload trucks, containers and 40 feet containers. This versatile equipment designed with the ergonomics of operations in mind is a masterstroke requirement for t

Electrical Control Panels

The control panels are the nervous systems of any system. We have a huge captive requirement of the control panels which include power panels, PLC panels, electronic feedback systems, servo controllers, etc. We are also having a stock program of PLC for s

Single Scissor Car Lift

Nandan\'s single scissor car lift is the most proven and efficient way to park over one level and thus save on civil work cost.

Hi Lift

Catering Hi Lift as used by clients throughout India, Asia and Africa are very popular. The emphasis on sturdy design, reliability, top notch fabrication finesse and most imporantly the economy. More than 500 Hi Lifts are in service with clients around th