Biogas Generator:

Biogas Generator:
Product Description

We have opportunity to use the Biogas, which is generated by waste of animal, human or organic, to generate the power, which may be tremendous us to us. This system is save large amount of diesel and other costly fuels.
We offer a system of cheap electricity generation in small level, with providing a very economical & environment friendly source in various application.

Specially design Engine to use Biogas and Producer Gas, Water cooled/Air cooled, spark ignition, 1500 RPM, continuous rating, heavy duty and most important operation without battery for every remote place use. A specially designed of automatic air and fuel control and system to take care of efficient, smooth working of engine with variable load.


The Alternator is high efficient, self-excited, self-regulated and suitable for continuous operation, 1 or 3 phase, 230/415 volt, 0.8 P.F., 50/60 Hz, and Class ‘F’ Insulation.


Engine and Alternator are mounted coupled, on a common rigid base frame with wheel as optional.

We also provide the electrical control panel with all type of indication, Automatic changeover and monitoring/controlling as optional.

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The Marketing Manager
The Marketing Manager
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Siya Instruments
Near Road No.5, Mewar Industrial Area, Madri, Udaipur (Raj.) -313003

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