Centrifuge Filtration for Furnace Oil

Centrifuge Filtration for Furnace Oil
Product Description

Furnace Oil Contains Sludge & ImpuritiesWhich Causes Following Problem -


1)  Impurities Cause Deposition in nozzles & Burners.  2)  Frequent Cleaning of Burners is required.  3)   With Chocked Burners the Spray pattern Gets Distorted.  4)  This Results into inefficiency in Heat-Generation.   5)  Furnace Oil-Consumption increases.   6)  Burning of impurities causes Excess smoke.  7)  This Results into Environmental and pollution issues.


 Salient Benefits


1. No Replacement Element, No Recurring Cost.


2. Reduced Soot Formation in Heater / Boiler Tubes.


3.  Improved Burner Efficiency. (Reduced Smoke Level)


4. Reduced Nozzle Choking. (No Need of Frequent Nozzle Cleaning)

5.  Reduced Fuel Consumption. (Savings on Fuel Cost)

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The Marketing Manager
The Marketing Manager
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Oilmax Systems Private Limited
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