Compactor Storage System

Compactor Storage System
Product Description

Neotech Offers Compactor Storage System. This Is A Sliding RackingArrangement, Giving Advantages In Terms Of Space Saving Due To Reduction In Number Of Aisles To Only One. Safe Secured Storage System Meant For Storage Of Any And All Unit Materials Such As Components, Hardware, Boxes, Packing Materials, Files, Books Etc. The Systems Are Custom-Built To Suit The Materials To Be Stored And Available Space. In Case Of Sufficient Height, Multi-Tier Systems Can Be Installed With Adequately Designed Steel Mezzanine. Normally Manually Operated But Can Be Offered In Powered Version For Heavier Loads, Stacker/Fork Lift Loading & Retrieving Is Possible. Existing Conventional Racking Can Be Converted Into This System, Thus Reducing The Cost. They Also Offer Heavy Duty, High Rise, Pallet Racks. Moving Volumes Of Materials In Shortest Time, When And Where Desired Mechanically Is Order Of The Day. Heavier Weights Necessitate Palletizing The Loads. Shortage Of Storage Space Compels Use Of Vertical Heights. This Is Where Heavy Duty Racking System Is Useful. Not Mere Components But The Total Integrated Systems Are Offered. Be It Of Any Size, Weight, Type Etc. They Have An Economical And Efficient Solution. And Not Merely The Racking Only. But A Complete Package Including Diesel/Battery-Powered Stackers, Forklifts, Floor Or Cabin Controlled Stacker Cranes As Desired. This Is Very Important As The Efficient And Economical Layout Depends Upon The Handling Equipment To Be Deployed.


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The Marketing Manager
The Marketing Manager
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Neotech Equipments Pvt Ltd
Ananda, 10, Ashray, Geri Road, Gotri, Vadodara 390 021

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