Dual Action Hand Spray Gun

Dual Action Hand Spray Gun
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In Die-Casting, Forging And Plastic Moulding, The Die Has To Be Cleaned, Cooled & Release Agent/Die-Coat Applied. These Opera­tions Must Be Of Maximum Efficiency & Effective In Order To Ensure Higher Productivity, Better Quality And Better Product Finish. Roll & Grip Offers A 2-In-1, Dual Action Hand Spray Gun, Which Does Both The Jobs. First It Releases A Jet Of Air For Cleaning, Then A Spray Of The Releasing Agent/Die-Cast. Its Design Features Exhibit The Latest Technology. It Is Effortless To Use, Light In Weight But Extremely Durable As Its Working Components Are Made Of Stainless Steel. Partial Activation Of Handle Releases An Air Jet For Cleaning The Die. Pressing The Handle Fully Gives Out Fine Atomizing Spray Of The Die Coat. This Spray Of Die Coat Does A Double Job: Quick Cooling Of The Die And Good Adhesion Of The Release Agent. The Spraying Of Die Coat Ensures Even Distribution Of Die Coat On The Die Surface. The Result Is Better Product Finish And Higher Productivity. With Its Trouble Free Service, This Spray Gun Offers Advantages Which Are Truly Incomparable Such As Light Weight For Easy Handling, Stain­less Steel Working Components For Long Life, Powerful Air-Jet For Quick Cleaning, Tested Design For Trouble Free Service And Preci­sion Liquid Flow Control Screw. Air Pressure Range Is 2.5 To 5 Kg/Cm, With Gravity Feed Or From Pressure Tank @ 0.5 To 3 Kg/Cm. It Has A 480mm Standard Overall Length With 300mm Extension Tube & Weigh 600 Gm. Roll & Grip Dual Action Spray Gun Offers In­creased Productivity, Upgrading Quality And Time And Labour Saving.


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The Marketing Manager
The Marketing Manager
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Roll & Grip
Pushkar”, 19, Rajendranagar, Navi Peth, Pune 411 030

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