Electrostatic Precipitator Plant

Electrostatic Precipitator Plant
Product Description

Pollution Control Equipment Generally Consists Of Parts Such As Discharge Electrodes, Box Type Collecting Electrodes, Rapping Bar, Rapping Mechanisms, Discharge Frame, Gas Distribution Plates, Tube Sheets For Bag Filters And External Panels. These And Other Pollution Control Systems Are Manufactured By Diamond Metal Screens. The Electrostatic Precipitator Plant Is An Elec­trical System For Separation Of The Solid And Liquid Suspended Particles From Gases And Vapours Under The Effect Of Electrical Fields. In A Part Of The Precipitator Plant, The Suspended Parti­cles Are Electrically Charged And Then Separated. This Section Consists Mainly Of The Precipitator Casing With A Built-In Elec­trode System And The Internal Equipment. The Gases To Be Cleaned Pass Through The Precipitator Casing. The Internal Equipment Of The Precipitator Casing Consists Mainly Of High Voltage Carrying Discharge Electrodes (DE-negative Pole) And The Cathode Collect­ing Electrodes (CE-positive Pole) Which Are Arranged Opposite The Discharge Electrodes. The Discharge Electrodes (wires) Are On High Voltage And Due To The Direct Current, The Gas Molecules Are Ionised. Thus The Negative Discharge Is Created. The Dust And Mist Particles Are Attracted By The Earthen Collecting Electrodes Due The Electrostatic Field Created Simultaneously Between The Collecting And Discharge Electrodes. The Particles Are Separated From The Gas Flow At The Collecting Electrodes. The Precipitated Dust Is Periodically Dislodged From The Collecting Electrodes By Means Of A Rapping System With Hammers. The Dust Then Drops Into The Collecting Hopper And Is Extracted By Dust Discharge Ele­ments.


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The Marketing Manager
The Marketing Manager
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