Filter Plate & Frame

Filter Plate & Frame
Product Description

The Original Concept For Filter Press Were The Filter Plate & Frame, Are Still Used In Many Industries. In These Design The Chamber Is Formed By A Pipped Or Slotted Grooved Flat Plate On Each Side Of The Frame And Cake Formation Takes Place In The Frame. Filter Plate & Frame Are Still Valid Solutions In Application Where Low Solid Feeds Are Present As Well Filtrate Quality And Cake Washing/ Extraction Are Important. These Plates Usually Used In Applications Where Filtration Area Is More Important Than Volume.  filter Plate & Frame Are Available In Polypropelene - Hp/Cp Material Which Application Is Suitable Upto 800c. The Standard Plate & Frame Configuration Covers Wider Range Of Applications In The Variety Of Industries And Customized Designs Also Met The Specific Process Applications.


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The Marketing Manager
The Marketing Manager
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Propylon Products
P.B.No. 69, Nif Compound, Chhapra Road, Navsari 396 445

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