High Pressure Spray Jet Cleaning Machine

High Pressure Spray Jet Cleaning Machine
Product Description

Progressive Ultrasonics Offers Specially Designed And Most Advanced And Most Effective High Pressure Spray Jet Cleaning Equipments For Plastic Crates For All Industrial Applications With Indigenous Technology. The Standard Model Machine Consists Of A Cleaning Chamber Where The Crates Pass On Continuous Basis Through Chain Conveyer And Washed In The Hot Water Mixed With Detergent/Alkalies. The Spray Nozzles Are So Designed That The Crates Are Cleaned Both Externally And Internally. The Machine Has Options Like Plane Water Rinse, Hot Air Blow-Off, Automatic Dozzing Systems Etc. The Entire Chamber Is Constucted In S S Material. The Storage Chamber Is Also Constucted In S S Material With Filtration System For Re-Cycling Of Cleaning Chemical. The Filtration System Consists Of High Pressure S S Pump, S S Fiter Housing And Pressure Gauge.


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The Marketing Manager
The Marketing Manager
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Progressive Ultrasonics
# 31, 1st Main, 4th Cross, 3rd, Phase, Manjunathnagar, W.O.Chord Road, Bengaluru 560 010

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