Laser Based Sensor

Laser Based Sensor
Product Description

For locations where contactless centering of wound batches or stacks are to be aligned or monitored, Type ELLD 101 LASER-Line optical unit comes as a handy tool. It is a visible Laser-Line unit which has intensity control. Further if the Line- Length and distance from projection to the job is known, the unit can be manufactured accordingly. Suitable for operation on 15-24V.DC, it is available in tubular shape with fixing nut and clamp. The easy mounting and permissibility to
install in any direction makes the tool quite versatile.

It is ideally suited for paper, textile, synthetic, rubber, sheet metal & similar industrial applications.. For stone cutting applications to help align slabs it becomes a handy tool. There are numerous other applications which the user can himself improvise or invent for his use.

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The Marketing Manager
The Marketing Manager
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