Metal To Rubber Bonding Nano Compound

Metal To Rubber Bonding Nano Compound
Product Description

Axxon M2r Bonds Various Types Of Rubbers Like Natural Rubber, Synthetic Like Sbr, Neoprene, Nitrile, Viton, Csm,Poly Acrylic And Polyisoprene With All Type Of Metals And Fibers Like Synthetic, Glass And Steel Fibers During Vulcanization. Axxon-M2r Single Pack Nano Polymer Based, Easy To Apply, Good Resistance To Heat, Water, Thermic Fluids, Chemicals And Solvents, All Type Of Sae/Astm/Jis Oils And Corrosive Chemicals. Application: Clean The Metal Surface With Normal Industrial Solvents And Can Be Applied On Metal Parts By Dip, Spray, Brush Or Roller Coat Methods, Dry It For Few Minutes At Rt Followed By Regular Vulcanization Process. Basic Properties: Appearance : Brown, Grey, Black, Creamy Color Liquid, Solid Content, % : 45+/-5%, Specific Gravity, Gm/Ml : 0.90+/-0.05, Diluents : Mek/Xylene/Toluene, Shelf Life :15 Months (from The Date Of Manufacturing, Un Opened Condition @28-30°C), Caution: Contents Inside Are Highly Flammable Solvents, Refer Msds For Further Safety Instructions. Also Available : Axxon-M3 Rubber Mold Release Agent For All Type Of Rubbers.



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The Marketing Manager
The Marketing Manager
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Axxon Material Science
Dp-80, Tansidco Ind Estate, Kakalur 602 003

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