Oil Mist/Oil Fumes/Oil Smoke Collection Systems

Oil Mist/Oil Fumes/Oil Smoke Collection Systems
Product Description

Filter-On Offers Wide Range Of Oil Mist Collection Systems–Both Individual As Well As Centralized Higher Capacity Systems. These Systems Collect The Oil Mist, Fumes, Oil Smoke & Metal Particles Released In The Machining Process Efficiently. The Installation Of These Systems Results In Clean & Healthy Machine Shop Environment, Recovery Of Coolant Oil, Avoiding Loss Of Cool Exhaust Air In Case Of Ac Shops, Avoid Machine Shutdowns On Account Of Fumes Deposition On The Machine Controls Etc. Individual Oil Mist Eliminators Extract Pollutants At The Generation Source Before The Pollutants Spread Out. For Machines With Closed Cabinets, The Suction Of Fumes Is Through A Hose Pipe Connected To The Exhaust Port Of The Cabinet. For Open Type Machines, Suction Hood And Hose Arrangement Is Made. This System Is Ideal For Machine Shops Where Cumbersome Overhead Ducting Is Not Possible. The Pollutants Pass Through The Air Filtration Unit Where They Are Trapped Electrostatically To Give Clean, Healthy Air Back Without Loss Of Cool Air. Filter On Is The Only Company That Offers You Unique Centralized Oil Mist Elimination Systems Which Are Specially Designed As Per The Customer's Specific Requirements. Centralized Systems Are Ideal For Machine Shops With A Large Number Of Machines. Oil Mist And Smoke From All These Machines Are Collected From The Point Of Generation And Are Electrostatically Filtered In The Centralized System. The Filtered, Purified Air Is Released Back Into The Machine Shop. Filter On Centralized Oil Mist And Smoke Elimination Systems Are Greatly Advantageous Due To Lower Installation Costs And Lesser And Easier Maintenance. Above All, The Systems Offer Flexibility Of Expansion. The System Can Be Expanded With Minor Modifications When More Machines Need To Be Installed In The Machine Shop.


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The Marketing Manager
The Marketing Manager
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Filter On India Pvt Ltd
New Gitanjali, Flat No. 5, Plot No. 59, Ideal Colony, Kothrud, Pune 411 038

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