Picospin™ Benchtop Nmr Spectrometer

Picospin™ Benchtop Nmr Spectrometer
Product Description

The World’s First Miniature Nmr Spectrometer?Affordable, Portable, And Easy To Use. Cole-Parmer Offers The World’s First Miniature Nmr Spectrometer?A True Breakthrough In Chemical Instrumentation! Researchers And Educators Now Have Access To A Revolutionary Benchtop Nmr Spectrometer, For Numerous Applications Such As Proton Nmr Spectroscopy, Chemical Education And Research, Analytical Testing, Quality Control, Process Monitoring And Control, And More. It Is Affordable And Compact Enough For Any Lab. The Portable Unit Weighs Just 10.5 Lb (4.7 Kg). The 45-Mhz Picospin Spectrometer Resolves Proton Chemical Shifts With A Resolution Of 100 Parts Per Billion Using A Very Small Sample Volume Of Less Than 20 Microliters. Liquid Samples Are Simply Injected Into An Internal Capillary Via Front-Panel Fittings. The Unit's Fluid Capillary Is Contained Within A Cartridge And Is Easily Replaced In The Event It Becomes Blocked Or Contaminated. A Highly Stable Temperature-Controlled Permanent Magnet Ensures Easy Maintenance-Free Operation Without The Need For Liquid Cryogens. The Unit Occupies A Small Fraction Of The Space Of A Conventional Nmr Spectrometer And Does Not Require Specialized Knowledge Or Training For Operation. Nmr Data Is Generated In The Industry-Standard Jcamp-Dx Format For Compatibility With Standard Nmr Data Analysis Packages. The Picospin-45 Nmr Spectrometer Was A 2011 Silver Award Winner In The Science & Medical–Diagnostic Aids Segment, One Of Twelve Categories Honored By The Edison Awards.


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The Marketing Manager
The Marketing Manager
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Cole-Parmer India Pvt Ltd
403-404, B-Wing, Delphi, Hiranandani Business Park, Powai, Mumbai 400 076

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