Planetary Mixer

Planetary Mixer
Product Description

Traxit Planetary Mixer Provides The Modern Industry With Unlimited Possibilities Of Application For The Processing Of Fully Homogenous Mixes Of Medium To High Viscosity Pastes. Traxit Planetary Mixer Consists Of A Vertical Cylindrical Vessel Mounted On Castors, Placed Under A Horizontal Machine Head, Which Is Supported On A Vertical Frame Also Called As Machine Upright. The Machine Upright Also Holds The Cylindrical Vessel In Position. Suspended From The Machine Head And Entering The Vessel, There Are One Or Two Mixing Elements And A Scraper Arrangement. The Mixing Elements Have Dual Motion I.E. They Rotate Around Their Own Axis And Also Traverse Along The Vessel Wall Thus Performing APlanetary Motion. This Planetary Motion Ensures That There Is No Dead Zone And All The Ingredients Are Effectively Involved In The Mixing Process. The Scraper Arrangement Scrapes The Vessel Wall To Ensure That Any Material, Which Tends To Stick To The Vessel Wall, Is Also Brought Into The Mix. The Head, Which Supports The Mixing Elements, Can Be Hoisted Along With The Mixing Elements To Clear The Mixing Vessel.Accordingly The Mixing Vessel Can Be Changed Or In Other Words Change Cans Can Be Used. With This Arrangement The Mixing Zone Is Free From Any Seals. Traxit Planetary Mixer Is Effectively Used For Mixing Medium To Heavy Viscous Pastes And Thus Finds Application In Various Industries Like: Adhesives–Epoxys, Polyurethanes, Adhesive Tapes, Pva, Hot Melts, Etc. Putties – Silicones, Acrylics, Polyester, Polyurethane, Etc. Coatings–Offset Inks, Special Paints, Artist Colours, Textile Dyes, Aluminum Pastes, Etc. Plastics–Compounds Of Polyester, Plastisols, Powder Coatings Etc. Chemicals – Resins For Abrasives, Additives For Rubber, Brake Lining Material For Joints And Gaskets, Special Insulations, Ceramics, Electrode Pastes, Battery Pastes, Mineral Greases, Shoe Polishes, Dough Molding Compound, Paste Soap Etc. With Added Features Traxit Planetary Mixer Can Also Be Used As An Effective Reactor Or Dryer.The Equipment Can Be Designed To Enable Heating Of Cooling The Products Being Mixed Or Create A Vacuum In The Mixing Zone Thus Preventing Any Air Entrapment Etc. The Equipment Can Be Supplied With Different Material Of Construction For Contact Parts Like Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel Etc. Traxit Planetary Mixer Can Be Supplied In Sizes Ranging From Laboratory Models Of 10 Liters To Production Models Upto 1000 Liters.







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The Marketing Manager
The Marketing Manager
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Traxit Engineers Pvt Ltd
406 Solaris Ii , Opp. L & T Gate No. 6, Saki-Vihar Road, Powai, Mumbai 400 072

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