Plunger Packing

Plunger Packing
Product Description

Creative Carbon is a manufacturer of moulded products from raw materials like carbon, phenolic fibres and rubbers, etc. Besides these, the company produces some of the mechanical equipment and spare parts, etc. It manufactures Plunger Packing sets, both top and bottom packings, made out of fabric base phenolic fibre. The centre sealing packing is made out of flexi canvas impregnated with acrylonitrile rubber. This type of packing gives much more life than other packings. Advantage in this type of packing is that it can be taken for reuse by changing only centre packing so it gives value for money

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The Marketing Manager
The Marketing Manager
Company Name
Creative Carbon Private Limited
Plot No:543/5/9,Rakanpur Beside,Care Corrupack Ltd, Rakanpur, Kalol, Ahmedabad - 382721

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