Pneumatic Clutch Brake Combination

Pneumatic Clutch Brake Combination
Product Description

Pethe Industrial Marketing Co Pvt Ltd Offer Pneumatically Operated Clutch Brake Combination Unit, A Heavy Duty Disc Type Design, To Suit Heavy Industrial Applications. The Clutch Is Operated By Supplying 5.5 Bar Air Pressure By Using A Pneumatic Cylinder. The Cylinder Piston Clamps The Friction Plates To The Hub, Which Is Keyed To The Shaft, And Thus Transmits The Torque. When Air Pressure Exhausts The Springs Move The Piston In The Opposite Direction. Thus Friction Plates Are Clamped And The Brake Is Applied. Multiple Friction Plates Increase The Torque Capacity Without Inflating The Size Of The Unit. Applications Include: The Clutch Brake Combination Can Be Applied For High Speed, High Cyclic, Heavy Duty Industrial Applications. To Name A Few Are Power Presses Press Brakes, Guillotines, Printing Machines And Many More.


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The Marketing Manager
The Marketing Manager
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Pethe Industrial Marketing Co Pvt Ltd
69, S K Bole Road, Dagdiwadi, Near Portuguese Church, Dadar (W), Mumbai 400 028

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