Pneumatic Piston Vibrators

Pneumatic Piston Vibrators
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The pneumatic piston vibrators find application for the following reasons: Linear Vibration-The forces generated by pneumatic piston vibrators are linear, so they may be directed and concentrated in the problem area. In addition, no damaging shear forces are applied to the mounting bracket or storage vessel. The high-energy impulse vibration generated by pneumatic piston vibrators is effective in reducing the strength of bulk materials and the sliding friction between the material and the bin wall. This is accomplished without approaching potentially damaging resonant frequencies. Pneumatic piston vibrators can solve virtually any bulk material flow problem at a fraction of the cost of equally or less effective alternative solutions. Low maintenance–when installed and operated properly, pneumatic piston vibrators provide years of effective performance. KJN Enterprises offer NAVCO BH Series Vibrators which are available in ten different piston sizes to handle virtually any bulk material flow problem. Each size is offered in three distinct types of operation: Impacting (IG0)-Impacting units deliver a high-energy impulse with each stroke of the piston. The Impacting model is the most effective of the three in eliminating difficult flow problems, Air Cushioned (SG0)-The air cushioned units trap a cushion of air at the base of the piston, eliminating the impact. Although the Air Cushioned models are quieter, a larger size is normally required, Timed Impact (IGT) - timed Impact models deliver a single high-energy impulse triggered by the output of a timer or other controlling device. Timed Impact units are particularly effective in applications where dry materials adhere to vessel walls.






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