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Polyacetal (Delrin) Polymers, Properly Called Polyoxmethylene (POM, Are Highly Crystalline Linear Thermoplastic, Provides Predictable Mechanical, Chemical And Electrical Properties, Over A Broad Temperature Range For Long Time Periods. Polyacetal Are Hard, Strong And Stiff, Have Good Toughness, Low Co-Efficient Of Friction Against Self And Other Materials. Polyacetal Are Non-Hygroscopic, Maintain Good Dimensional Stability And Have Excellent Machinability, Which Enhance Its Application In Industrial Fields. Some Of The Wide Used Components Made In Polyacetal For Industrial Applications Are Valves, Impellers, Gears, Cams, Chain Links, Spray Nozzles, Seatings, Guides Etc..Availability:Polyacetal Materials Are Available In The Forms Of Stock-Shapes Like Round, Rectangular, Square Bars, Tubes, Blocks, Sheets, Chains And In Finished Molded & Machined Components As Per Cliental Specifications.


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The Marketing Manager
The Marketing Manager
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Plastic Shilp Udyog
5-1-244/1, Old Ghasmandi,Secunderabad 500 003

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