Refrigeration Industrial Chillers

Refrigeration Industrial Chillers
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Gem Has Launched The Industrial Chillers With Tube In Tube As Well As Plate Type Heat Exchangers For Efficient Heat Transfer Between Refrigerant And Water. The Heat Exchanger Is Of Coaxial Type, The Design Maximizes Exchanger Efficiency By Using Copper Tubes In A Coiled Tube-In-Tube Arrangement. Full Copper Corrosion Free Heat Exchanger, Non-Fouling Exchanger Co-Axial Arrangement, Tends To Minimize Space Requirement Minimises Power Consumption No Leakage Low Pressure Drop High Efficiency. The Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger Is Variation Of The Traditional Gasketed Plate Type Heat Exchanger. It Is Designed To Have Lower Pressure Drop. It Consists Of Stainless Steel (AISI 316) Plates And Two End Plates. Its Very Flexibility & Easy By Adding Or Removing Plates. The Pump Is Capable Of Working 24 Hours A Day Throughout The Year. No Need Of Stand-By Pump. Pump Motor Has An Overload Protection. Power And Control Panel Is Totally Enclosed, Dust Proof, Complete With All Necessary Switching, Control And Safety Devices In Accordance With Applicable Codes. Compressors Are Protected With Overloads And Safety Trips. The Gauges Are Standard High Pressure And Low Pressure Refrigeration Gauges. Adjustable Low Pressure And Fan Pressure Switches For Flexibility In Operation. Range: From 0.75 To 30 Tr.



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The Marketing Manager
The Marketing Manager
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Gem Equipments Limited
S.F. No.103, Avanashi Road, Arasur, Coimbatore 641 407

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