Rotary Gelation Plant

Rotary Gelation Plant
Product Description

The Machine Is Meant For Curing Of Motor After Being Vacuum Pressure Impregnated. The Machine Consists Of An Oven With 24 Kw Heaters, Inside Which The Armature Is Rotated At 12 – 16 Rpm For 20 Hours Or As Required. The Heaters Are Mounted On The Two Side Walls Of The Oven. The Oven Is Double Walled Construction With Adequate Ceramic Fibre Insulation And Baffle Plates. It Is Also Fitted With A Suitable Air Circulation System. The Armature Is Fitted With Suitable Adaptors At Both Ends. These Adaptors Rest On Two No Heavy Duty Roller Supports On Eitherside Of The Oven. The Roller Support On The Non Driving Side Is Adjustable On The Base Frame To Accommodate Different Lengths Of Armature Shaft. The Armature Shaft Is Coupled To The Geared Motor Drive Arrangement Through An Intermediate Shaft, Which Transmits The Drive To The Armature Shaft. The Intermediate Shaft Is Supported On A Heavy Duty Bearing Housing, Which Is Securely Bolted To A Robust Fabricated Base. The Drive From The Geared Motor To The Intermediate Shaft Is Transmitted Through A Chain & Sprocket Arrangement. Both The Roller Supports On The Either Side Of The Armature Shaft And The Oven Is Mounted On The Heavy Duty Fabricated Common Base Frame Which Has Provision For Secure Grouting On The Shop Floor. The Top Part Of The Oven Is Hinged, Opening & Closing Is By Means Of Twin Pneumatic Cylinder. Care Has Been Taken To Ensure Easy Loading / Unloading Of Armature Shaft. The Operation Of The Plant Is Controlled Through Timer & Temperature Controller. The Plant Shuts Off Automatically After The Set Cycle Time. All Necessary Safety Interlocks Are In Built Such That In Case Of Motor Tripping, The Heaters Will Be Switched Off Automatically To Prevent Damage To The Armature.




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The Marketing Manager
The Marketing Manager
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Vikrant Special Machines Pvt. Ltd.
90, Nayapatty Road, Kolkata : 700 055

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