Salt Centrifuge

Salt Centrifuge
Product Description

Chemtech Equipments, A Reputed Name In The Chemical Plant Industry And Highly Popular For Salt Refinery, Marine Chemicals And Herbal Projects.
Salt Centrifuge Is The Heart Of A Salt Plant, They Ensure That It Produces A High Output Of Pure Salt With Minimum Residual Moisture. Their Major Focus Is To Get The Best Performance In Terms Of Minimum Moisture Content Which Will Ultimately Reduce The Load On The Dryer. This Will Result In Improved Efficiency Of The Entire Plant Thereby Controlling The Cost Of Production. They Design Centrifuges In Such A Way That The Complex Processing Is Handled In An Easy-To-Operate Manner With Low Maintenance Needs. The Capacity Range Of Our Centrifuges Is 1-30 Tons/Hour.


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The Marketing Manager
The Marketing Manager
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Chem Tech Equipments
E-002/ Krishna, Vasant Sagar, Thakur Village, Kandivali-E Mumbai 400101 Maharashtra

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