Vertical Ribbon Blender

Vertical Ribbon Blender
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Traxit Engineers Specialize In – Providing Appropriate Process Engineering Technology Through Specialized Process Machines. In Connection With The Above We Wish To Illustrate By Means Of A Case Study With One Reputed Client. To Mix Carbon Granules With Water And Then With A Solid Blender. With The Following Specific Requirements–Granules Should Not Undergo Reduction In Size, Mixing To Be Uniform, Discharge Should Be Easy And Complete. Equipment Under Use: Bowl Mixer (similar To That Being Used In Pharmaceutical Industries For Tablet Coating). The Problems Faced In This Mixer: The Equipment Could Not Be Provided With A Cover As The Bowl Was Rotating And Hence Dusting Of Carbon Powder, When The Binder Is Added The Whole Mass Used To Move Along With The Bowl Thereby No Mixing Being Achieved And Hence The Inclination Of The Bowl Had To Be Changed During Mixing After Addition Of Binder, The Bowl Had To Be Tilted For Discharging But As The Bowl Could Not Be Tilted By 1800, The Product Could Not Be Discharged Completely And Required Manual Scooping To An Extent. Suggested And Supplied Alternate Equipment: Traxit Vertical Ribbon Blender. This Consisted Of A Vertical Circular Cylinder With A Bottom Cone. Inside Was A Single Flight Of Ribbon Which Moved The Material From The Bottom To The Top. On Reaching The Top The Material Came Down By Gravity This Vertical Up And Down Motion Gave Good Mixing And Also There Was No Breakage Of Granules. As The Equipment Was Vertical The Discharge Was Complete Through A Bottom Discharge Valve. Also As The Material Handled By The Mixing Element At Any Given Time Is Limited, The Installed Power Is Less Than The Conventional Mixers (Horizontal Ribbon Blenders Or Bowl Mixers As Was Used). This Equipment For Many Applications Can Replace The Nauta Mixer (cone Screw Mixer) Which Is Complicated In Design Due To The Special Gearbox Requirement. Traxit Vertical Ribbon Blender (with Proper Features) Can Be Used As A Dryer And Also As An Effective Reactor.



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The Marketing Manager
The Marketing Manager
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Traxit Engineers Pvt Ltd
406 Solaris Ii , Opp. L & T Gate No. 6, Saki-Vihar Road, Powai, Mumbai 400 072

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