win Lobe Rotary Blowers

win Lobe Rotary Blowers
Product Description

Newgenre Engineering Services Offers Twin Lobe Rotary Blowers. These Are Positive Displacement Twin Lobe Compressors Suitable For A Wide Range Of Operating Speeds To Meet The Exact Capacity Requirements Of The Application. They Can Be Offered For Pressures Upto 1kg/Cm2 And For Vacuum Duty Upto 0.6kg/Cm2. These Machines Can Also Be Used For Compression Or Boosting Of Various Gases. Special Features Includes: Machines Available In Aircooled And Watercooled Models, Suitable For Various Gases Such As Air, Town Gas, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Inert Gases, Etc. Positive Displacement Machines With Constant Volume Characteristics, 100% Oil Free Compression, High Precision Helical Timing Gears For Reliability And Long Life, Adjustable Machine Feet Permit Both Horizontal And Vertical Flow Of Medium As Required, Over Hung V-Belt Drive For All Operating And Pressure Ranges. Direct Coupling Also Possible, Dynamically Balanced Rotating Components To Ensure Vibration Free Operation, Machine Shaft Height Matched With Standard Iec Motor Frame Size, Solid, Noise Absorbing Construction In Grey Cast Iron. Applications Are In Sulphitation Process-Sugar Industry, Filter Bed Agitation-Water Treatment Plants, Pneumatic Conveying-Cattlefeed, Cement Grain, Flour, Slurry Agitation, Gas Boosting, Humidification-Loom Sheds, Centralized Vacuum Cleaning Plants, High Altitude Pressurised Chambers, Fertilizer Projects, Cement Blending, Aeration And Fluidization.



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The Marketing Manager
The Marketing Manager
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Newgenre Engineering Services
209, Daulat Udyog Bhavan, Wadhavli, Chembur, Mumbai 400 074

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