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U-Screws, as the leading manufacturer of the world’s most accurate transmission control system, has focused on R&D and manufacture of the key component that provides highest acceleration and speed, heavy duty, and high life time. The component we named as 「Planetary Roller Screw」has been used in wide range for military and national defense industries and aero space industry. Along our research and development, we constantly escalated the value and innovation to the product. Except that we have applied and owned the patent of the product, we also managed production process efficiently for short delivery and made the price more accessible and attractive to the users who had to suffer long lead time and much higher cost for the product. Our commitment has been helping our customers enhance their production efficiency for product  stability and higher value by using Planetary Roller Screw.

Since the founding of U-Screws, R&D and constant  innovation have been the main emphasis for sustainable operation of our business. U-Screws is also our private label for global market. The name U-Screws was originated from Ultra-Screws which means super threaded rods recognized as the best transmission control system in the world. Manufacturers adapting U-Screws Planetary Roller Screw transmission control system are promised with stable performance of production, higher product value, and stronger competitiveness in the market. Our corporate identity system are the colors deep red and black & white. The color deep red represents passionate and compassionate life philosophy; The colors black & white represent distinct logics and strict working attitude. We believe that only with passionate and compassionate life philosophy and distinct logics and strict working attitude can U-Screws creates one of the kind product for the customers to achieve higher output value.

Product features:

U-Screws is the first manufacturer in Taiwan to produce Planetary Roller Screw. The product is the advanced version of Ballscrews and hydraulic system. In order to adapt to the severe global environment, production with energy saving, high efficiency, and non-pollution has become the main stream. For high speed and high load linear motion system, conventional ballscrews no longer can satisfy the users demand. On the other hand, hydraulic system tend to has potential defects of oil leaking, high temperature, and inaccuracies. Planetary Roller Screw, as an advanced substitute, is by all means a better choice for the users.

Followings are some features of Planetary Roller Screw:

Heavy duty:

Application of roller screws instead of ballscrews provides universal       contact points to quickly release load pressure and enhance impact proof ability. Under normal operation, load capability of Planetary Roller Screw can be 3~5 times than conventional ballscrews.

High acceleration and speed:

Planetary Roller Screw has the ability to provide higher speed and  acceleration. Taking non-circular US series as example, overall speed is twice than conventional ballscrews and acceleration can reach 12000 rad./

High accuracy:

According to DIN69051 standard, Planetary Roller Screw fits G1~G5

High life time:

Planetary Roller Screw is made of multiple roller screws. Under normal condition, the service time is over 10 times than conventional ballscrews.

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